A Year Ago Today

Today marks exactly one year since we officially launched our campaign.

I vividly remember that morning and the feelings of excitement, nervousness, and hope that were swirling inside me.

Just as with any journey, it was impossible to know exactly how it would play out. However, I did have a very clear vision for how I wanted to traverse the road to Election Day.

I wanted the tone of our campaign to be fun and optimistic. I wanted to meaningfully involve young people. And, along the way, I wanted to make an impact and do some good for the community, especially students.

Now, as I reflect on the past year, I am filled with pride. We’ve run hard and fast, stumbled a few times, and picked ourselves back up – always moving toward our goal.

Most importantly, our how has been everything I hoped it would be. We have been upbeat and positive, our team is young and diverse, and we’ve provided community college students with much needed food and transportation.


In the moments leading up to our campaign launch, I couldn’t help but ask myself “will people support me?” The past 365 days have amounted to the most resounding and humbling yes I could ever dream of.

My friends and family have rallied behind our cause with their time, energy, and money. People who I didn’t know a year ago have blown me away with their generosity and kindness. And then there’s our campaign team. An inspiring group of young folks who are a huge part of the reason we have a chance to win this November.


In celebration of this campaign milestone, I want to say thank you… and please.

My thank you is for making this an unforgettable and life-changing event in my life, no matter what the result.

And my please is for your continued support. We are so close to reaching our goal of $5,609 for our ballot statement fee.

Will you help us reach our goal on our campaign anniversary?