Look at the Difference You Made

Last December, we told our supporters we wanted this to be a different type of campaign –– we said we wanted to be a force for good before the electionSo we asked you to support our efforts to purchase a transportation pass for a student in need. And as has been the case since the beginning of this campaign, y’all stepped up and pitched in.

Our team got to work on identifying a community college student who could really use the transportation pass. We spoke with professors and student leaders, and were eventually connected to the president of San Diego City College’s MeCHA club. She put us in touch with a young lady named Daniela (Please note: For her privacy, we will not disclose her real name).

Daniela is an undocumented, single and working mother who is attending classes at San Diego City College with the goal of creating a better life for her young daughter. It was the understanding that the transit pass would benefit two people rather than one that led me to purchase a semester pass versus a monthly pass.

Our plan was to share a video or some photos of the impact the transportation pass has had on Daniela and her daughter with you. Sadly, that is not an option today. In Donald Trump’s America, where law-abiding folks are ruthlessly rounded up and deported, it is simply too risky to put herself out there like that.

The best we can do is share this very special message from Daniela:  

It is both heartbreaking and upsetting that Daniela needs to live in the shadows. In many ways, she embodies what America is supposed to be about –– folks coming from all over the world to work hard and build a better life for their families. It may be awhile before our country lives up to those ideals, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get there in San Diego.

The benefits Daniela and her daughter are experiencing from her transportation pass are but a small example of what #OpportunityForAll could mean for our community.

Friends, we’re only 40 days away from the election. We need every bit of support you can provide to help us continue to do this type of good work in our community.

Our goal for this week is to raise $500. Will you chip in?