Money And Politics

The influence of money is an unfortunate reality of our current political system. Not only does it often grant increased access and influence to the wealthy, it also shapes who is able to run for office.

One of the first questions asked in determining whether someone is a viable candidate is “how much money can they raise?” Think about that.

The question isn’t about connection to community, commitment to constituents, experience or willingness to put in work. It’s about money.

And for those who don’t have strong ties to big money, the feedback is clear. You can’t win.

A while back, I mentioned this race is not meant to be won by a young, nonprofit professional. Rather than political “experts” seeing my work with community to create positive change as an asset, it’s seen as a burden.

They also believe being a millennial who shares many experiences with current students is a reason I can’t win instead of a strength.

I knew all of this when I decided to run. I took a leap of faith that people, like you, would believe in our vision for opportunity for all and chip in what they could to provide us what we need to win.

We are halfway to our goal of raising $5,609 for my ballot statement fee with less than one week to go.

Will you prove the cynics wrong by making a contribution today?