I’ll be honest, I was pretty nervous before my first board meeting as a San Diego Community College District Trustee. There I was, in a room full of experienced and accomplished board members, educators, and administrators.

I knew I was there for the right reasons and had worked hard to be prepared, but that did little to alleviate the pressure I felt. Would I be taken seriously? Would my goals for the District be seen as too lofty or unrealistic? Would my peers respect me?

From delicate conversations in closed session to celebrating the opening of a new building, each moment with my peers has been an opportunity to earn the respect I was so nervous about in December 2018.

This morning, I sit with the pride that comes from knowing my peers on the San Diego Community College Board of Trustees have endorsed my candidacy for the San Diego City Council. 

When it comes to governing, respect isn’t something that just feels good. For those of us who believe in big, bold progressive change, respect is an ingredient essential to building coalitions and reaching consensus. 

And respect isn’t agreeing about everything. My colleagues and I have asked tough questions and sometimes disagree with one another. However, even when we disagree, it is crucial we don’t lose sight of the important work ahead of us.

In December 2020, San Diego will see five new City Council members and a new Mayor assume leadership. This moment will represent a remarkable opportunity for our city. However, our highest hopes are only achievable with leadership that commits to earning and maintaining respect for one another. 

Here is my promise to you: if elected, I will serve my time as a council member the same way I serve as a Trustee – with a commitment to show up for the right reasons, to be prepared, and to earn the respect of my peers so we can accomplish the big goals our community demands.

Will you contribute today so we have the resources we need to fuel our campaign?

With gratitude,