Rising to the Challenge of Our Time

As a newlywed looking forward to beginning a family, I am often thinking about our neighborhoods’ environmental issues and the global climate crisis. Our street and the surrounding neighborhood are often littered with waste. Sidewalks and bike lanes are in poor condition or nonexistent. Rates of childhood asthma are significantly higher than other parts of the city. The alarms warning us of the impending climate catastrophe grow louder everyday.

My wife, Angela, and I want to live in a community where our future children can breathe clean air, play in tree-filled parks, and safely walk or ride their bikes to the neighborhood school. We also want to ensure climate change does not create a future where deadly heat waves, fires, and floods are the norm.

With crisis comes opportunity. There is no question we are in the midst of a global climate crisis. What is unknown is how we will respond.

I believe San Diego can rise to the challenge in a great way. In doing our part to save the planet from disaster, we can make each and every neighborhood in our city healthier and cleaner. We can create good jobs, have cleaner air and water, enjoy beautiful parks, and experience the convenience of a world-class mobility system. All of this is within our reach if we commit to it.

It is this vision and my yearslong commitment to the environment as an activist and advocate that helped our campaign earn the endorsement of the Sierra Club. With 3.8 million members and a nearly 130-year history, the Sierra Club is the gold standard of environmental organizations. We are incredibly proud of this endorsement and see it as another sign of the strength of our campaign.

Invest in Our Vision of Clean & Healthy Neighborhoods for All

Solving problems as important as climate change and environmental injustice requires a plan. That is why we sought the the guidance of some of San Diego’s smartest and most committed environmentalists to develop our plan for Clean & Healthy Neighborhoods for All. Today, we’re excited to unveil that plan. I hope you’ll give it a look.