The Endorsement That Defies All Odds

“You have to drop out.”

“You can’t win.”

“I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.”

These are the sort of things my campaign team heard last November when we learned a well-known elected official would be running for the San Diego Community College Board of Trustees, District E seat.

I thought about these comments, a lot. I talked to mentors, friends and family. I met with my team to discuss the pros and cons, and together, we decided to only stay in the race if we thought we could make a difference along the way.

We thought about the conversations we would have, the issues we would raise, and the young folks we would engage. Deep-down, our little team honestly believed we could win.

We stayed in the race and immediately saw the impacts of our decision: an engaged and informed base of voters who now understood the immense importance of the community college board.

A few months ago, we took a major step forward by advancing into the General Election. We shocked the political establishment by securing the San Diego County Democratic Party endorsement. Our team defied the odds, beat back multiple attempts by Party power brokers to derail our efforts, and proved that we are a force to be reckoned with.

There is something special happening throughout the country right now. Candidates up-and-down the ballot are disrupting the status quo and winning “impossible” races. The results may be surprising to some, but the formula is quite simple: a bold progressive vision for a better future plus the willingness to put in the work to speak directly with voters equates to wins.

This formula has proven successful against big money and big names all over the country and it is what we have been doing since the beginning.

We know we can win. We know how we can win. And we are willing to do the work to make it happen. We proved it in the primary and did so again to earn the party endorsement.

We just need you to believe in us.