Together, we can end homelessness and makes homes more affordable.

In the midst of a housing crisis, residents throughout District 9 are struggling to make ends meet, and more and more of our neighbors are experiencing homelessness. This issue is personal to Sean. He experienced homelessness as a college student and his family was displaced from a small studio when rent doubled. Sean’s ‘Housing for All’ plan will make homes more affordable, provide tenants stability, end discriminatory practices, and end homelessness.

As your Councilmember, Sean will fight to:

  • Enforce tenants’ rights and protections granted under AB 1482
  • Ensure all tenants have legal representation available to them in tenancy-related court action
  • Increase the supply of affordable homes and leave no one out
  • Advocate for more affordable homes in District 9 that can accommodate large, multigenerational families
  • End ban on affordable homes that perpetuate poverty and segregation
  • Provide supportive housing for our neighbors experiencing homelessness through the ‘Homes for San Diegans’ measure
  • Leverage federal funding to preserve and acquiring existing affordable homes

Read Sean’s full ‘Housing for All’ plan here.

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