Young Gets the Job Done

Today, I am honored to share with you that I have earned the California Young Democrats endorsement.

“Young gets it done!” This is a rallying cry for California Young Democrats across the state – and a reality far too often ignored by the establishment.

Rather than appreciate the benefits young people offer, such as fresh perspectives and different experiences to draw from, the first responses we often hear upon expressing interest in leadership usually focus on what we don’t have. And, sure, it might be true that we don’t measure up when it comes to net worth or years of experience, but that shouldn’t disqualify us from having a chance to shape our future.

Over the years, I’ve grown accustomed to facing skepticism due to not being “old enough.” I distinctly remember the doubts and criticism I faced when I became the head coach of a high school athletic program at the age of 20. I was dismissed by folks before I had a chance to show them what I knew, how hard I would work, or how much I could learn. Yet, five years later, our team was nationally-ranked and celebrating a league championship.

That experience taught me a few things. First, to always be open to learning and know I am capable of exceeding expectations. And second, to do what I can to secure a seat at the table for other young folks who seek opportunities to lead.

This is why I got involved with the California Young Democrats – and why our campaign is staunchly committed to developing young leaders.

I am committed to ensuring young voices are not only heard, but play a central role in determining our future. That is my commitment for the remainder of the campaign and that is my commitment if elected.

Will you make a donation today to help ensure a seat at the table for young people?